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Nov 18, 2019

What does the future of storytelling look like? How will technology shape the way we create film, television, music, videogames and other forms of entertainment? And how will that create changes in skills demand for the workforce of the future.

In the first of a series of talks and events ahead of the launch of Manchester Metropolitan University’s new School of Digital Arts, SODA, which opens in 2021, we invited a panel of industry experts to discuss all of this and much more.

Recorded live at HOME Manchester on Monday September 23rd 2019, the discussion features:

Danny Boyle, Oscar-winning director and co-chair of the industry advisory group for SODA.

Nicola Shindler, Executive Producer, RED Production Company and CEO of StudioCanal UK

Rose Kay, CEO and Immersive Filmmaker at Immersive Storylab

Saz Vora, Short Film Coordinator at UK Asian Film Festival

Stefani Bardin, Artist and Entrepreneur at NEW INC, and Professor at New York University

And panel chair Jason Wood, Creative Director of Film and Culture at HOME, and Professor of Film at Manchester Metropolitan University

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